Special services

Maintenance of floors

  • Washing of soft coverings (carpets, rugs, upholstery) with one-disc rotor machine and professional detergents. We also use a machine which splashes detergent and water under pressure and collects the dirt from the surfaces;
  • Washing of hard surfaces with a machine with abrasive discs or brushes in addition to a professional water collecting and drying machine;
  • Polishing of hard surfaces with special polishing detergent protecting from scratching through a thin layer of sealing emulsion, which keeps dirt away and enables easy maintenance;
  • Renovation of marble flooring through grinding and crystallization. This is done with a professional machine and a special detergent. The surface of the marble gets glaze which does not allow dirt in its structure;
  • Grinding of flooring with diamond disc. A thin layer from the surface is removed and with it all scratches and dirt. This process ensures a perfect polishing.

Disinfection and deratization

Cleaning of apartments on short term lease as AIRbnb and booking.