We clean as we clean at home, each and every corner! You can verify this yourselves when you call for our services at Po4istvane. (Order form). We value your time and take into account your busyness. We have a flexible pricing policy in accordance to the area to be cleaned. On theory, everyone knows how to clean, but in practice this turns out to be a long
and tiresome process. Trust your home to us! Our long term cooperation with our clients is the proof of our success.

Overall cleaning

We usually perform an overall cleaning a couple of times per year. The difference between the overall cleaning and maintenance is that dirt is removed from all hard to access points. We take away old stains, dirt and accumulated dust.

Service package for overall cleaning includes:

  • Cleaning of dust from flooring;
  • Machine wash of hard surfaces;
  • Vacuum cleaning of soft furniture;
  • External cleaning of non-upholstered furniture;
  • Washing of windows and frameworks;
  • External cleaning of kitchen appliances;
  • Internal cleaning of ovens and microwaves;
  • Cleaning and disinfection of sanitary facilities;
  • Throwing away of garbage.

Area of up to 50 sq.m.

Area of up to 90 sq.m.

Area of up to 120 sq.m.

Please, keep in mind that the prices are illustrative. If the degree of dirt is higher than the requested, the prices are subject to change. It is not obligatory that the overall cleaning procedure includes only the services listed in our package. After a visit on site of our team members you will receive an individual package price.

Subcription cleaning

Subscription /maintenance/ cleaning includes: 

  1. Vacuum cleaning of soft and hard coverings;
  2. Hard flooring wash with specialized detergents;
  3. Dust cleaning from all furniture;
  4. Periodic wash of windows, doors and frameworks;
  5. Gathering and throwing out of garbage;
  6. Disinfection, supplying and freshening of sanitary rooms;
  7. Cleaning of glass and interior doors.

We at Po4istvane offer subscription schemes according to our clients requirements. If necessary these can begin with an overall cleaning.

Cleaning after repair works

Cleaning after repair works is different from the maintenance and overall ones. It is connected to the removal of repair works garbage – latex, glue, limescale, silicon, etc. Our team for this activity is preliminary warned and prepared. The prices for this type of cleaning depend on the area of the apartment and the degree of dirt, and are finalized after a visit on site and a mutual agreement.