Our company for professional cleaning services is founded in 2002 as part of Crystal Services LTD. We at Po4istvane have all the necessary to be called professional in our favourite job – we know the cleaning technology, we have rich experience in the cleaning of all types of surfaces and materials, we have professional equipment and technology. Our machinery is new – disc machines for cleaning of soft coverings and hard surfaces, extraction and water collecting machines, professional vacuum cleaners and cleaning and sealing machines for hard flooring. Our equipment is imported from Sweden, Germany and Italy. We work with the professional machines of Electrolux, Numatic, Karcher, Vento and Soteco, as well as professional detergents from Tana, Kleen Purgatis, I.C.E. Foor. Each new member who joins our team takes a one-week training course for operation techniques led by our supervisors. Our sites are numerous – homes, offices, warehouses and shops. Our clients operate in different spheres – accountancy, IT companies, cosmetic industry, consultancy, manufacture, medical laboratories, etc. We appreciate each one of our clients and keep their confidentiality.
We at Po4istvane constantly keep improving and learning from our mistakes. Each problem has a resolution, and not only one! We bear responsibility, personal and commercial. We openly and honestly discuss with our clients each situation and aim for the optimal solutions. We strive to keep your trust, because you have given us access to your territory and property. The most important for us is the final result to be superb!